Activities in San Diego

There are plenty of beautiful activities and attractions to take part of in San Diego. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 activities that we believe everyone in San Diego must experience – it doesn’t matter if you’ve been living in SD your whole life, or if you’re here just for a few days, these are must visits!

  1. “The Jewel” of San Diego

This coastline is located in La Jolla and earned it’s name as “The Jewel”. This is a beautiful coastline that features 300 ft sea cliffs, coves, and rocky reefs. It may be difficult to see, but the shores are actually sandy! If you plan to walk the whole distance, it would be good to know that the coast is about one mile long. At the most northern part of the coast, you’ll be pleased to find the sea cliffs.

Towards the middle of the coast line, you’ll find yourself near downtown Ja Jolla. There will be a pair of steps that actually take you down to the cove. Believe it or not, you can actually swim in the cove!

2. Pure Indoor Cycling

Pure Studio, also known as Pure Indoor Cycling is a spinning studio located in the heart of Ja Jolla, San Diego. Not sure what spinning is? Well, imagine cycling on state of the art cycles for an hour with an enthusiastic instructor, pumping yourself to music, flashing lights, and also incorporating a bit of weights into your routine. Spinning is single handily the best way to shed off any unwanted pounds while having fun. Pure Studio has quickly risen to the top of charts in San Diego as a spinning studio due to their new facility, and free classes for all new riders.  So if you’re simply visiting Ja Jolla, make sure to stop by their studio and redeem your free class, because hey, everyone loves free!

3) San Diego’s Seaport Village

Taking a stroll down to the Seaport Village is a fantastic way to spend your afternoon. The village is located in downtown San Diego on “The Big Bay”. We highly recommend coming here on the weekend, especially if you have kids since you’ll find face painters and balloon artists. If you can’t make it on the weekend, then have no worry, the village is still open 365 days a year. Every Sunday, there is a free concert held at the East Plaza Gazebo. Our personal favorite for the kids is a carousel that was actually built in 1895 with 30 hard carved animals that your children can ride on.

The village is also a fantastic place to do some shopping, especially if you’re a tourist looking to bring home some goodies. Due to the size of the village, there are free shopping shuttles between the stores.

Once your done with shopping, we highly recommend walking over to the waterfront and taking in the gorgeous view!

4) San Diego’s 59 Mile Drive

Rented a car for your stay in San Diego? Perfect, because this is one drive that you do not want to miss. We recommend beginning this drive 90 minutes before sun set begins to really take in the beautiful skyline during your journey. Now, just because this is a “scenic drive” doesn’t mean that we expect for you to stay in your car all the time! Here are our favorite spots to visit during the drive:

  •  Harbor Island
  •  Shelter Island
  •  Ocean Beach
  •  Aquatic Park
  •  San Diego Campus (University of California)
  •  Pacific Beach
  •  HillCrest
  •  Horton Plaza

5) Mount Soledad in La Jolla

Mt. Soledad is a veteran memorial opened daily from 7 AM – 10 PM. If you’re looking for a spot to grab a 360 degree view of San Diego, you simply won’t find a better spot. You’re able to walk up the stairs to the cross and take as many photos as your heart desires. If you’re visiting San Diego during Memorial Day or Veterans Week in November, then you should definitely come by because there are major ceremonies held here.