About NPA

About NPA


Mission Statement

North Park for the Arts promotes access to and appreciation of the San Diego visual and performing arts within the Arts and Culture District of North Park through exhibition, education, outreach, and local partnerships.


Vision Statement (long term)

North Park for the Arts promotes and supports a diversity of venues, activities, and opportunities to engage the arts, support artists/organizations/businesses that inform,   invigorate, and advocate for the cultural and economic vitality of the North park community.



  1. Collective Promotion
  2. Generating revenue for NPA and its members
  3. Hosting and promoting events that advocate for the arts
  4. Retaining the existing arts and stimulating new growth


Non-Profit Organization

North Park for the Arts (NPA), a community based organization & program of The San Diego Art Institute, nonprofit organization. SDAI is a registered 501(c)3 organization, all donations are tax deductible.

FED ID #95-1816068